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10 Steps To Become A Millionaire In 5 Years (Or Less)

There are titles that are created precisely to catch one’s attention.

This one worked on me.

Not that I long avidly to become a Millionaire but I do fancy having my independence to do what I like, when I want to, without having to rely that much on everyone else… 🙂

So, if that equates to being a Millionaire, why not? At least, I think I’ll enjoy the ride of trying to become one, even if I just reach halfway… I would suspect that the process is fun and fulfilling already… to be worth a swing at it!

1. Create A Wealth Vision

2. Develop A 90-Day System For Measuring Progress-Future-Pacing

3. Develop A Daily Routine To Live In A Flow-Peak State

4. Design Your Environment For Clarity, Recovery, And Creativity

5. Focus On Results, Not “Habits” or “Process”

6. Identify Ideal Mentors/Partners

7. Become A Brilliant Listener And Observer

8. Focus On “Who” Instead Of “How”

9. Continually Update Your Values-Definition Of Success

10. Don’t Wait Too Long When You Know It’s Time To Change

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