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Cool blog archive from Marc Andreessen



Before he stopped posting, Marc tantalized readers with a “Coming Soon” list (reprinted below). I was particularly excited about the Guide to High-Tech Startups. Maybe someday. All we can do is hope.

Top 10 books for high-tech entrepreneurs

Top 10 ways to do personal outsourcing

Software — the velvet revolution and the multicore conundrum

How to trick out a Typepad blog in 2007

Killer Windows Media Center apps for 2007

The truth about reporters: a multi-part series

The Pmarca Guide to High-Tech Startups: a multi-part series

Why Internet advertising is about to get humongous

Bright teams do amazing things

Bright Pixel tussled and did it again!

There are moments to be proud of what we are able to accomplish…

This year I did not manage to help a lot in the team effort to prepare another edition of Pixels Camp! One week has passed and I am still amazed of how managed to pull it off…

We had our biggest and best Pixels Camp ever and still managed to help host the first SONAE IM Investors Day on the first day and a great INSERT COIN LIVE on the second day of the main event, that closed with a bang with the traditional but always exciting hackaton pitching session!

I think it’s all about team effort and specially a true joy and commitment of all involved in making and sharing with the tech community the greatest event possible in three 24/7 packed days of fun and hard work.

Only with really great bright and passionate people can we make this type of event happen with so little resources and time to do so!

It’s the anti-fyre event! 😉

Where genuine breadth, content and work surpasses any type of hype and social media frenzy to make some noise…

This is also only possible because ALL the sponsors and partners are truly involved in the process of making the event a great experience for who comes by…

Now, we are thinking about guaranteeing that Pixels Camp and all the relevant side events that we promoted, namely Insert Coin, have a way of maintaining the momentum going during the whole year, until it’s time for another great edition of Pixels Camp! (if you want to contribute in any way of fashion, send us ideas!)

Bright & Proud!




A good life related quote

“Since the danger of living in wretchedness is greater than the danger of dying soon, he is a fool who refuses to stake a little time and win a hazard of great gain.”

Seneca the Younger (a Roman Stoic philosopher, statesman, dramatist, and satirist)

Game Plan

10 Steps To Become A Millionaire In 5 Years (Or Less)

There are titles that are created precisely to catch one’s attention.

This one worked on me.

Not that I long avidly to become a Millionaire but I do fancy having my independence to do what I like, when I want to, without having to rely that much on everyone else… 🙂

So, if that equates to being a Millionaire, why not? At least, I think I’ll enjoy the ride of trying to become one, even if I just reach halfway… I would suspect that the process is fun and fulfilling already… to be worth a swing at it!

1. Create A Wealth Vision

2. Develop A 90-Day System For Measuring Progress-Future-Pacing

3. Develop A Daily Routine To Live In A Flow-Peak State

4. Design Your Environment For Clarity, Recovery, And Creativity

5. Focus On Results, Not “Habits” or “Process”

6. Identify Ideal Mentors/Partners

7. Become A Brilliant Listener And Observer

8. Focus On “Who” Instead Of “How”

9. Continually Update Your Values-Definition Of Success

10. Don’t Wait Too Long When You Know It’s Time To Change

Full read of article right here

Beta Future

A great post from an inspiring builder studio that I had the privilege to visit some years back. before co-founding Bright Pixel.

John Borthwick, betaworks founder and CEO, just shared recent a post that I am still processing… I’ve read and re-read it a couple of times now… It’s truly worthwhile…

Next things we are thinking about at betaworks

next things
next things

A distributed layer of trust

ML and human machine collaboration

Next gen mobile and compute

New cities

New ways of living and working

New generation, new tribes = new brands

Synthetic media

Participatory media, gaming, and live




Life Reset


My personal blog went recently caput…

There’s a lesson somewhere in this…

Never trust people with your servers. I was digitally erased. I created precisely my blog to keep a digital record keeping of things that I liked, things I wanted to share, things I wanted to state, things to digital store like a memory box.

Well, that went well…

Back to square one. Let’s hope this time everything will go well.

Ants.pt, re-born!

New year, new life!

I am using archive.org to fetch my old posts… what a nightmare!