boozoo bajou revival

Satta, Dust My Broom… great names to special and delightful albums

Featuring producers Florian Seyberth and Peter Heider, Boozoo Bajou are a downbeat duo from Nuremberg, Germany known for blending inspirations like reggae, dub, Cajun music, folk, jazz, and pop.

They first appeared in 1998 via the Stereo Deluxe label and the single “Night Over Manaus.” The exotic lounge number drew the attention of Richard Dorfmeister, who hired the duo to remix “Chocolate Elvis,” a 1999 single from Dorfmeister and Rupert Huber’s project, Tosca.

That same year, Bajou’s jazzy single “Under My Sensi” became the chill-out tune of choice. It landed on their 2001 debut Satta! a dub-meets-electronica effort suitably named after the Jamaican Patois term for “relax.”

No surprise, then, that their 2003 mix CD Juke Joint skillfully blended Groove ArmadaBurnt FriedmanGregory IsaacsPaul Weller, and John Lee Hooker, or that the same year’s Remixes collection found them working with names like CommonMousse T., and Thievery Corporation.

Their sophomore release, Dust My Broom, landed in 2005 with country-rock hero Tony Joe White appearing on the single “Keep Going,” while Jamaican deejay U-Brown traded lines with Fat Freddy’s Drop singer Joe Dukie on the track “Take It Slow.”

Actually… Take it Slow is one of the great songs of Dust My Broom!

Night from Manaus from Satta takes back to great memories of Lisbon and my first days and nights spent with Ana!

have a look at the lyrics…

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dj still kicks

Fed the cat and hit the park
Chicest, cutest chocolate queen
Looked and smiled right at me

Keep on believing
Keep on believing
Keep on believing
Keep on believing

She said, “Hi” without no sound
Made my head go light and ’round
She was dressed to kill the Pope
And what she did she gave me hope
I smiled back without no sound
I said, “Hi” and left the ground

Keep on believing
Keep on believing – one of my favourite songs of…

one of Kruder & Dorfmeister’s masterpieces!

K&D – DJ Kicks – click here to listen on spotify

DJ Kicks are great albums done by several artists… and this one is one of the best!

DJ-Kicks started out in 1993 as a compilation of electronic DJ -style mixes in the techno or house genres, with the then-novel twist of being targeted to a home listening audience.[2] Soon afterwards, both the choice of compilers and the genres included were expanded: In addition to DJs, more and more producers (like Terranova), remixers (like Kruder & Dorfmeister), bands (like the Stereo MCs) and musicians (like Nicolette) compiled DJ-Kicks albums. The actual music began to vary wildly as well, ranging from Trüby Trio‘s downbeat jazz sound to Kemistry & Storm‘s aggressive drum and bass. Still, all contributions remain broadly within the electronic music genre.


K&D DJ Kicks