Should we duckduckgo?

What we search for isn’t that complex and perhaps we need duck and protect ourselves from bigger problems

Read this Wired Article 

It might seem ludicrous – DuckDuckGo has 78 employees and Google 114,096 – but often the outcome is the same. For the majority of your searches David, it turns out, is just as good as Goliath.


Life Reset


My personal blog went recently caput…

There’s a lesson somewhere in this…

Never trust people with your servers. I was digitally erased. I created precisely my blog to keep a digital record keeping of things that I liked, things I wanted to share, things I wanted to state, things to digital store like a memory box.

Well, that went well…

Back to square one. Let’s hope this time everything will go well., re-born!

New year, new life!

I am using to fetch my old posts… what a nightmare!